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Our Mission (Field) -Hip Hop
    Many people have made the mistake of believing that music is only used for entertainment and inspirational purposes but today's music seems to be used as a weapon to war against sound decision making in this generation. Hip-hop music to be more precise has encouraged fans to become foolish, murderous & selfish rather than wise, peaceful & generous. Meekness Music isn't afraid to go against the grain. Our goal is to bring music that not only entertains and inspires but informs and educates people as well. 
    Hip-hop music in general is corrupting the minds of young men and women yet this genre is by no means losing its influence instead its grown to be the number one choice of music in America and is still growing with billions of fans. Meekness Music offers Hip Hop fans with something they seem to be longing for and extremely curious about ...which is ... the truth! The truth about life & love! The truth about the lifestyles of our artist's; the triumphs we celebrate as well as the failures we experience and the life lessons we've learned. Meekness Music offers entertainment that educates and informs opposed to encouraging ignorance, violence & unhealthy habits. We hope you enjoy our site and we thank you for your continued support of our mission. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquires we would love to hear from you! 
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To book a Meekness Artist for a concert, speaking engagement etc.  903 721 0736
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Big thanks to the number one CHH website for promoting Stephen I. latest single "Please Forgive Me"

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